a look at an industry that will be forever relevant

An experience that you can see, smell, touch and feel- print is the real thing.

In an age of Trump, Brexit, fake news and social media, serious print media brands are winning readers of all ages that crave lasting images and a tangible experience. While publication printing and newspapers seem to be facing declining demand, commercial and specialty print media seem to be gaining some momentum year over year (Euromonitor 2016). Flipping page over page through current events, cooking a meal using your mother’s favorite cookbook or immersing yourself in the excitement of a new novel- all act as experiences. These moments created through that tangible element bring about feelings and build memories, they allow us to slow down the pace of our hectic lives and connect to something aside from the local wifi.

There will forever be a population of print lovers, those that prefer printed news, those that expect a hard-copy menu and those that cherish putting pencil to paper when completing their cross-word. In this fashion, the market for print will always exist and its relevancy will never die.

Print is used as a complement for many marketing strategies as well as merchandising initiatives. Handing a well thought out business card to a potential client is your most potent tool at a networking event. Within that small piece of paper you can convey your credibility and professionalism. Along with other print media it will help you to build a brand that further endorses who you are and what you offer, this will in turn help to build the consumer’s impression of you and your business.

Consumers have adopted an affinity towards the nostalgic, with the desire to embrace ‘retro’, vintage clothing and furniture have made a rise back into the spotlight. This trend has also heightened the demand for print in the form of magazines, art work and business material. Consider the excitement of opening a card that you received in the mail or the emotion evoked from a piece of artwork the brightens the wall in front of you. Imagine how empty a family home might feel without the pictures of adventures and time passed that warm the hallways. These aspects of print are not only relevant but also necessary. The death of print would be the death of the ability to relive these nostalgic experiences in a tangible way.

The print industry is going through changes. To thrive, the industry needs to be diverse in its offerings, creating new and innovative solutions. By working in harmony with digital media, the collaboration will enhance the way we perceive, enjoy and experience the world.